Friday, 15 July 2016

Thanks RTÉ Guide for the full page on The Judge's Wife and for making a little girl's dream come true.

Since the beginning, the RTE Guide was very big in our house. I remember as a child when it was a journal with a young Gay Byrne on the front. My mother always bought the Guide in the local town on a Saturday morning. I couldn't wait to look up my favourite programmes - Star Trek and Mannix if I remember correctly - ringing them with a pencil in the listings.My dream as a young girl living in the West of Ireland was one day to be in the RTE Guide.
As we grew up, so too did the RTE Guide. Even when it turned in to the glossy magazine it is now and we entered the land of 24 hour TV and multi channels, our loyalty to the Guide remained. If it was in the Guide , it was gospel. My mother right up until her last days loved the RTE Guide, the crossword keeping her going well in to her 80s.
So then, I am absolutely delighted the RTE Guide is this week running a feature on The Judge's Wife along with a special interview. There is even a competition run by
Black & White Publishing
So thanks RTÉ Guide for making my week and making a little girl's dream come true after all these years.
Thanks too to photographer
Conor Ó Mearáin for the lovely photograph printed here with the interview.